Ah, to be Human.

Shakti Sunfire here. Dancer, writer, crafter, yogini, explorer, ninja-in-training.

Like many of us humans I have a diverse list of past experiences that have contributed to the person I believe myself to be today.  And there are more limiting titles, besides what’s above, I could peg onto our favorite question…’what do you do?‘ But I won’t. Because with that question we’ve already missed the mark.

I started this blog because I wanted to externalize the challenges I was encountering carving space for myself, my unique talents and gifts, in this vast world that on the surface cares little for the renegade artist. At it’s inception, I played the edge of heart and head. But you know? One year later I smell progress. Or maybe it’s the fog rolling in.

I am LOVE. So are you.

I am following my bliss in complete trust, doing what sings to my heart and it’s working.

This is just one of the obvious-to-people-at-different-times-in-their-lives topics I write about. Enjoy!

Me in India

Me in India

~ by shaktisunfire on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ah, to be Human.”

  1. Love your blog…was just given your name by a friend who got into hooping and is excited to be attending one of your workshops soon. I have been doing Anusara yoga for about 5 years and love it too. Love watching your videos, AMAZING! Namaste,Mandy

  2. Super beautiful words. You are LOVE I am Love.


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