Hula Hooping – What’s it all about?

The creative contemplation of what hula hooping is to me opens a series of seemingly endless rabbit holes filled with astral musings, transcendental philosophies and spiraling, new age-y appropriations.

Like the imagery of the Lewis Carroll variety, the descent into the depths of these holes conjures near-misses with flying debris of the past four years well-spent. Any inquirer who dares ask me this simple question (what is hula hooping to you?) best have at least 15 minutes on hand for the short answer.

The hula hoop of today (the act of hoop dancing), for myself and for many others in the community, is a tool for empowerment. Discovered at a time in my life where playtime was priority and the whims and whirlings of my social group comprised much of my world view, the hula hoop worked in tandem with nature’s growth cycles; providing a positive feedback loop of affirmation, self reflection and interpersonal interaction that facilitated the bursting forth from the cocoon of early adulthood into Saturn return.

I slipped into alignment with the love of dance like a knife in soft butter.

That is to say, from the first moment I was irrevocably and uncontrollably sucked in – love at first spiral. And my internal reflection in that moment was also one of reverence for the discovery of something, one thing, that I could hold onto with all my strength of heart.

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~ by shaktisunfire on July 2, 2010.

One Response to “Hula Hooping – What’s it all about?”

  1. Shakti, where are you now? Not actually at this moment, but in general. Will you be performing in the Bay Area anytime soon? I am a new hooper and I gave a hoop to my 12 year pld niece for her birthday last year. I would love for her to see you perform to show her what is possible — since I am not ( not yet anyway ) able to show her myself.
    Hope you are well.

    -Holiday in San Francisco

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